Two Birds Deli's review of HECK Media.
Two Birds Deli logo.

They came to HECK with a logo

We met and talked in detail about their particular vision, similar shops that inspired them and the overall feel they were looking for with their branding and website. The Birds were going to need Menu Cards for their daily creations, signage for inside the shop, as well as online content. All of which they wanted to keep simple and consistent. 

Two Birds Deli food counter.

Then branding began

We started with The Birds before they had even began renovating their new space! So in the beginning to get their name out, we created simple graphics that introduced some of their flagship salads and a bit of humor with stock images to populate their social media feed before they had content of their own.

Follow the birds

HECK has designed & created a variety of branded content for The Birds since then.

Whole Package

The Birds chose our Digital Infrastructure Package – which means  we provided them with branding (font selection, colour codes, marketing material, etc.), a stylish & responsive website, set up their social media accounts properly and got their posting started. We have been with Two Birds Deli since the beginning!

Two Birds Deli owners.
HECK has gone above and beyond to create our posts and website exactly as we like them. ” 

-Two Birds Deli

Branding & Web Design Process

Two Bird Deli craved a simple style to represent them. They wanted thin lines similar to their logo, which inspired the set of fonts we chose together. We worked mostly with white space, black lines and their signature earthy green we decided on together to highlight the natural and fresh ingredients they use in every item.

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